Excerpts from "Emotional Connections"

Several years ago at the opening reception for a one man show we were hosting for Guilloume, I observed the power of his work first hand. A collector who I had not seen for several years, came to the opening and saw Guilloume's work for the first time. He moved slowly from one piece to another, spending several minutes intensely studying each one. 

One work in particular seemed to draw this collector's attention, and as he studied the piece and read Guilloume's narrative description, I noticed tears streaming down his cheeks. Guillloume had touched this man through his art at a profound level. 



Excerpts from "Forever"

I am part of a large Colombian Family-nine brothers to be exact. Despite the fact that we have all gone separate ways and live disparate areas of the world, our bond remains intact and we are still very much connected. Familial bonds of this intensity are difficult to explain if you have not experienced them. Suffice it to say that regardless of the amount of time between visits or the number of miles between us, we all feel an unshakable sense of family unity that we will carry with us to the end. Different Directions is my attempt to celebrate and honor the common bond that I share with my brothers.  


Excerpts from "33" 

When my wife and I took our wedding vows in 1985, we made a promise that we would continue to nurture each other for the rest of our days together. Although we have certainly looked after each others's health and physical needs, it has been our intellectual and spiritual well-beings that have perhaps grown the most. One way we "feed" each other is by taking turns reading aloud. Mostly we choose nonfiction works that interest us both biographies, self-imporovement books, and spiritually inspirational writings. Nurturing relationship is a bronze edition 15 that is a representation of my wife and me reading together and together.