Entrega Total

Entrega Total 24x12.jpg
Entrega Total 24x12.jpg

Entrega Total


Bronze Relief

24” H x 12” W x 1”D

One of my collectors from Arizona showed me a photo of his recent seaside wedding in Mexico. The photograph, which depicted the bride and groom embracing on the beach, was my initial inspiration for this work. The sculpture depicts what many consider to be the most romantic moment in life: The nuptial embrace. As I was creating the piece in my studio, an old song by the Mexican crooner, Javier Solis, came to mind. The song, “Mi Entrega Total,” translates to “I Give You My All.” I have translated into English the lyrics that were running through my head that day:

...pero esta vez quiero entregarme a ti en una forma total

—no con un beso y nada mas

quiero ser tuyo sea por bien o sea por mal.

...but this time, I want to give you my all

—not just my kisses

I want to be all yours for better or for worse.

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